Colloquium by Prof. Koma

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Jul 092012

Prof. Koma will give a lecture at The University of Tokyo as written below.

“Department of Chemistry The 1440th Zasshikai Colloquium”
Date : 2012/11/02 16:00-
Place : 5F Auditorium, Chemistry Main Bldg, Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo (Map: Bldg. No. 101)
Lecturer : Professor Emeritus Atsushi Koma
Title : “Science and technology to be directed after 3.11″
Host : Chemistry Office (ext. 24321) Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science

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Publication list (2)

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Jun 202012

Publications by other groups are listed in “VDWE Publications” page.

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Publication List

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Jun 162012

Publications by Prof. Koma’s group are listed in “VDWE Publications” page.

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Jun 142012

This site will introduce the information of “van der Waals Epitaxy (VDWE)”.   Currently this site is under construction.  Please wait for a while !

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